Pop&Rock – Choosing Songs

Pop&Rock – Choosing Songs

You choose three songs to perform for each grade.

Song 1

You choose the first song from the relevant Trinity Rock & Pop book or from the lists songs. This must be performed with the backing track from the songbook or download.

Song 2

For the second song, you have a choice.

  1. You can choose a song from our songbook or list  or
  2. You can choose your own song. It could be:
  • sheet music from a printed or online source
  • an original song written by you
  • a cover version – a song that you’ve arranged.

Whatever the song, it must meet the parameters set out in the syllabus in terms of length and level of difficulty.

Song 3

We’ve identified two of the songs on the song list for each grade as Technical focus songs. These songs develop particular technical skills, and you have to perform at least one of these songs in the exam with the backing track from the songbook or list.