SEW Telephone Task

SEW Telephone Task Phase

Telephone task 1

At SEW B1, B2, B2+ and C1 candidates complete a telephone task.

At the start of the exam, the candidate enters the telephone room and is given a written prompt, presenting the candidate with a situation which needs to be addressed. The conduct of this phase of the exam requires the candidate and examiner to have an actual telephone conversation while in different rooms.

The prompt gives rise to a telephone interaction which must be initiated by the candidate, leading to a natural interaction between the examiner and the candidate.

The examiner will fulfil his or her role in the interaction, but it is the responsibility of the candidate to ensure a successful outcome to the situation outlined in the prompt. The candidate is free to be themselves but will need to fulfil the role detailed in the prompt instruction, whereas the examiner assumes a role for the duration of the task.

Telephone task 2

At SEW B2, B2+ and C1 candidates complete a second telephone task after the first telephone task has ended. The Interactive task is also conducted over the phone. The examiner calls the candidate and gives an initial verbal prompt which gives rise to an interaction maintained and controlled by the candidate. Please note candidates are not provided with a written prompt in this phase.

This phase provides the opportunity for the candidate to demonstrate their ability to take control of the interaction, for example, through the use of questioning techniques, seeking clarification, politely refusing or expressing reservations.

At SEW B2, candidates start to demonstrate their independence as users of English for the workplace. This autonomy is further developed through SEW B2+ and SEW C1