GESE Elementary Grades 4-6

GESE Elementary Grades 4-6

GESE Grade CEFR Level
Grade 4 A2.2
Grade 5 B1.1
Grade 6 B1.2

GESE Elementary stage exams are for people with elementary English language ability, and focus on building confidence and motivation in English language communication.

GESE Grade 2 and Grade 5 exams are approved for UK visa or settlement purposes

Exam structure

The exam takes the form of an unscripted conversation with a Trinity examiner and lasts for 10 minutes. There are two parts to the exam:

The Topic discussion: the candidate selects a topic of their choice to prepare in advance and discuss with the examiner. It can be on any subject that interests them but must allow them to demonstrate the language functions and communicative skills required for the grade.

The Conversation: the candidate engages in a one-to-one conversation based on two subject areas appropriate to
the grade.